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Fluid Mechanics
Homework/Extra Credit Assignments

The student homeworks/projects in the Fluid Mechanics course were one of the key evaluation tools in this class, since a large part of the learning of the course material was associated with the student's effort on the HW and Extra Credit (EC) assignments. The material covered in these evaluation instruments hit upon all the major topics that the students were asked to master, so I have also included a copy of the HW assignments from Spring 2017 here so that future students can also benefit from these exercises. Thus, the links to the Spring 2017 student assignments, along with (some rather poorly) scanned versions of the instructor's solutions, are given below. Hopefully, these additional worked-out examples will help you in your study of Fluid Mechanics. Also note that the solution sets for HW#4 and HW#10 have some embedded Matlab code examples, which may also prove useful in your work on these particular topics!    Enjoy...

Assignment Title/Description
HW Assignment
Instructor's Solutions
Fluid Properties and Units Consistency
More Fluid Properties
Fluid Statics and Buoyancy
Fluid Kinematics
Flow Rates, the Reynolds Transport Theorem, and the Continuity Equation
The Bernoulli Equation
The Energy Equation
The Linear Momentum Equation
Internal Viscous Flows
Correction Factors for Non-Uniform Flow in Circular PipesThe Bernoulli Equation
Pipe Flow Applications

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