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Fluid Mechanics
Lecture Aids and Class Examples

The class lectures in this course focussed first on identifying and explaining the key concepts associated with the macroscopic view of fluid systems and then on demonstrating the particular topic of discussion via a series of detailed examples. Most of the class developments and examples were done by hand on the white board, but a set of PowerPoint slides were also generated for each lesson as visual aids for some of the discussion and for presentating the Problem Statements for the examples solved in class. Links to these slides and to the solutions to the classroom example problems are given here, with the hope that they will help in your study of this subject...

Lesson Topic/Description
Lecture Aids
Solutions to Class Examples
Fundamental Concepts and Fluid Properties
Static Fluids + Buoyancy
Fluid Kinematics
Flow Rates, Reynolds Transport Theorem, and the Continuity Equation
Bernoulli Equation and General Energy Equation + Applications...
Linear Momentum Equation + Applications...
Internal Viscous Flows
Pipe Flow Applications

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