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Fluid Mechanics
Prof. John R. White

Summary Course Description:
This course introduces the student to several fundamental concepts and applications of fluid mechanics. It overviews the basic properties of fluids, the study of fluid statics and fluid flow systems, and the development and application of the appropriate mass, momentum, and energy balance relationships needed to solve a variety of practical problems, with a particular focus on the macroscopic view. Emphasis is on the ability to apply the basic principles to the design and analysis of engineering systems involving applications in hydrostatics, internal flows, pump selection, flow measurement, etc.. The course also focuses on proper problem-solving strategy and on the correct use of units in engineering analysis.

Last Taught: The last time I taught this course was during Spring 2017.

Course-Related Educational Resources:
This course focused on the macroscopic view of fluid systems (i.e. the Control Volume Method) with an emphasis on solving real problems involving applications in hydrostatics, internal flows, pump selection, etc.. In practice, there are only a few new concepts introduced within the first Fluid Mechanics course, but there are certainly a lot of different applications of these concepts. Thus, in my view, the only way to tackle this subject is by solving as many problems as possible to highlight the different applications areas where the basic mass, momentum, and energy balance relationships allow one to address realistic problems in fluid statics and fluid flow situations. There are several great Fluid Mechanics texts available (and I have used several different texts over the years) and they all solve a lot of sample problems -- so you should definitely take the time to study your particular text in detail. But, when studying a subject like this, you can never have too many examples. Thus, my goal here is to provide a variety of additional worked problems in the form of the class examples, HW problems, and classroom quizzes used during the Spring 2017 semester. Hopefully these additional examples can help in your study of Fluid Mechanics...

The formal text used during Spring 2017 was R. C. Hibbeler, Fluid Mechanics, Pearson Prentice Hall (2015), and the course structure followed this text quite closely.

Resource List:
Lecture Aids and Class Examples

Spring 2017 HW Assignments (with Solutions)

Spring 2017 Quizzes (with Solutions) and Exams

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