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Online Course Material
Prof. John R. White

The courses identified here have additional online course information for use within the courses taught by Prof. White at UMass-Lowell. In some cases, significant course content is provided via detailed Lecture Notes. In all cases, general information about course administration, course content, grading policy, course goals, etc. is provided. Also, since most of my courses use Matlab quite extensively, links to a variety of Matlab examples for the various courses are also provided. I hope you find some of this stuff useful! Enjoy!!!

Note: For those students actually taking these courses from me, you can check out my formal grading policy for both my undergraduate and graduate courses by clicking here. The correspondence between the numerical grade and letter grade given here is used consistently for all my courses, with a slightly different distribution between my undergraduate and graduate courses.

Fluid Mechanics (10.303 or 14.301)
This course overviews the basic properties of fluids, the study of fluid statics and fluid flow systems, and the development and application of the appropriate mass, momentum, and energy balance relationships needed to solve a variety of practical problems. Emphasis is on the ability to apply the basic principles to the design and analysis of engineering systems.

Differential Equations (92.236)
This course represents an introduction to mathematical modeling and to the various solution techniques available to solve and analyze the resultant differential equations. The emphasis in this first course in differential equations is on the development of basic skills for the modeling and analysis of physical systems governed by one independent variable (ODEs).

Problem Solving with Matlab (10.317)
This course develops problem solving skills for a broad range of technical applications. Matlab will be used as the programming environment, since it gives all the key elements of a full programming language, yet its large inventory of built-in functions and relatively concise syntax allows the solution of complex problems within short, well-structured programs.

Math Methods (10/24.539)
This course highlights several key analytical and computational techniques from the field of applied engineering mathematics. The primary focus is on the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations using both analytical and numerical methods. Computer work using the Matlab and FEMLAB packages is required.

System Dynamics (24.509 or 22.554)
This course provides an introduction to the analytical and computational aspects of system dynamics. Emphasis is on the generalized state variable approach to describing a system's transient behavior. Specific topics include matrix fundamentals, time and frequency domain simulation methods, transfer functions, stability analysis, and an introduction to control systems. Matlab and Simulink are used extensively.

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