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Fluid Mechanics
Sample Quizzes and Exams

This is the final resource page for this course. Here I have included the quizzes and exams given during the Spring 2017 semester. I usually gave a short quiz on most of the key topics covered during the semester so that I could identify (and resolve) any problem areas early -- thus, there are several quizzes listed here. In contrast, there were only a few exams, where these were used for both assessment of the student's understanding and as a guide to judge the effectiveness of my teaching methods. Combined, the sample quizzes and exams available here represent a good overview of the key course topics.

Note that the quizzes include (some rather poorly) scanned versions of the instructor's solutions, but the exams do not. Thus, the quizzes can be used as self-assessment tools and/or as additional examples of typical Fluid Mechanics problems. However, I have purposely not included my exam solutions here -- since I want you to attempt these on your own as a test/confirmation that you were successful in understanding the key concepts from this course. But, after reviewing your text examples and all the examples, HWs, and quizzes provided above, I am confident that you will not have any real difficulty with the sample exam problems given below.   Good Luck...

Quiz/Exam Topic
Quiz/Exam #
Instructor's Solutions
Basic Concepts and Properties
Viscosity and Shear Stress Relationship for Newtonian Fluids
Buoyancy and Pressure Distribution in Static Fluids
Fluid Kinematics
The Continuity Equation
Spring 2017 Exam #1
The Bernoulli Equation
The Energy Equation
The Linear Momentum Equation
Viscous Internal Flows
Spring 2017 Exam #2
Pipe Flow Applications
Final Exam Spring 2017

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