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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Homework Assignments and Exams

The student homeworks and exams were the main evaluation tools in this course. The material covered in these evaluation instruments hit upon most of the key topics from the course. I have included a copy of these assessment tools from Spring 2016 here so that future students can also benefit from these exercises. Thus, the links to the Spring 2016 HW assignments, along with (some rather poorly) scanned versions of the instructor's solutions, are given below. In addition, I have also included the exams given during the Spring 2016 semester without solutions -- since I want you to attempt these as self-assessment exercises to evaluate your understanding of the material. Good Luck...

Assignment Title/Description
HW Assignment
Instructor's Solutions
Various Uses/Applications of Nuclear Science -- Today and in the Future
student paper
Various Generation III or Generation IV Reactor Systems
student paper
Basic Concepts and Terminology
Basic Notation and Material Atom Densities
Various Mass-Energy-Momentum Relationships
Spring 2016 Exam #1
Nuclear Stability and Various Radioactive Decay Processes
Radioactive Decay Calculations
Neutron Cross Sections
Spring 2016 Exam #2
More Neutron Cross Sections...
Final Exam Spring 2016

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