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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Classroom Lecture Presentations

This page gives an overall outline/stucture for the topics treated in the Fundamentals of Nuclear Science & Engineering course and it contains links to the available slides used in the classroom presentations during Spring 2016.

Introductory Concepts and Applications of Radiation Science
Lesson Topic
Lesson #
Basic Concepts/Terminology and Some Applications of Radiation Science
Introductory Concepts Associated with Nuclear Reactor Design and Operation
Key Characteristics of Different Types of Reactors

Atomic & Nuclear Physics
Lesson Topic
Lesson #
Basic Notation and Material Atom Densities
Various Mass-Energy-Momentum Relationships
Nuclear Models, Stability, and the Semi-Empirical Mass Formula
Radiation and Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay Calculations

Interaction of Radiation with Matter
Lesson Topic
Lesson #
Neutron Interactions I: Basic Definitions and Concepts
Neutron Interactions II: General Natural of σ(E)
Neutron Interactions III: The Fission Reaction
Neutron Interactions IV: Elastic Scattering
Photon and Charged Particle Interactions with Matter

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