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Differential Equations (92.236)
Illustrative Applications

Two of the primary goals of this course are to gain some experience in developing mathematical models for a variety of common physical systems from basic principles (i.e. basic mass, energy, particle, and force balances, etc.) and to develop the ability to solve and interpret the ordinary differential equations that result from the modeling of these systems. To help you achieve these goals, a series of applications that illustrate, in some detail, what we mean by modeling, solution, and interpretation has been developed. These examples have been included in a series of pdf files that cover a variety of topics. These have been organized as follows:

First Order Systems

Second Order Linear Systems

Second Order Nonlinear Systems

You are expected to carefully study all these examples and to become familiar with the basic problem-solving techniques needed to analyze problems of this type. Achieving these goals is not easy, but I am sure that with a little perseverance, you will eventually master this part of the course. Good Luck -- and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have concerning these illustrative examples.

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