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PhD/MS Degree Recipients and Their Thesis/Project Topics
Thesis Advisor: Prof. John R. White

PhD/DEng Theses
"Visualization of Three-Dimensional Particle Transport Calculations with the Use of Generalized Contributon Theory," by Erkut Gungordu (Sept. 2000).

"Development of Generalized Adjoint Capability in a Nodal Neutronics Code," by Philip M. Delmolino (April 1996).

MS Theses
"Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of the University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Reactor," by Anthony Stevens (Nov. 2002).

"Activation Analysis using the ACTIV Code System," by Areeya Jirapongmed (Aug. 2002).

"Natural Convection in a Rectangular Enclosure with a Pipe Attached," by Cynthia E. Campbell (July 2002).

"Informational Retrieval System for the Life of the LEU-Fueled UMass-Lowell Research Reactor," by Justin Byard (July 2001).

"The Application of Geometric Structures to the Design of Selective Surfaces with Directional Dependence," by Herbert Sinnock (Sept. 2000).

"Visualization of Two-Dimensional Particle Transport Calculations with the Use of Generalized Contributon Theory," by Erkut Gungordu (Sept 1997).

"Criticality Analysis of Spent Fuel Storage Options using KENO-Va and MCNP," by Grace M. Lam (Dec. 1995).

"Modeling of Various Nuclear Systems Using the Monte Carlo Code MCNP," by Muhammad Bilal Bhutta (April 1995).

"Preliminary Investigation of Neutron Filtering Effects for Application in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy," by Anil Kumar (Sept. 1994).

"In-Core Fuel Management Using Linear Optimization Techniques," by Kevin M. Avila (Jan. 1994).

"Benchmarking of Methods and Models Used in High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Design Using Data From the Dragon and Clean Critical Experiments," by Eric M. Edmonds (Oct. 1993).

"Thermal Hydraulic Analyses of the HEU and the Proposed LEU Core Configurations of the UMass-Lowell Research Reactor," by Aswatha Amarnath (Sept. 1993).

"An Empirical Model for Predicting Steady State Fission Gas Release from Light Water Reactor Fuel," by Robert P. Smith (Dec. 1992).

"A Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Perturbation Methods for Use in Reactor Core Reload Optimization," by Keith R. Robinson (April 1992).

"The Development and Evaluation of a Shutdown Margin Estimator Using First Order Perturbation Theory," by Barbara Y. Hubbard (Dec. 1991).

"Neutronics Analysis for the Conversion of the ULR from High Enriched Uranium to Low Enriched Uranium Fuel," by Robert S. Freeman (May 1990).

"Development of a User Friendly Computer Code for Performing Fuel Reload Analysis," by Philip M. Delmolino (May 1990).

"Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of the High Conversion Reactor Concept," by Thomas F. DeLorey (Dec. 1989).

"Conversion from High Enriched Uranium Fuel to Low Enriched Uranium Fuel for the University of Lowell Research Reactor," by John E. Stoddard, Jr. (May 1989).

"The Development, Testing, and Implementation of a Second Order Correction to Generalized Perturbation Theory," by Glenn A. Swanbon (May 1989).

"Design of Yankee Fuel Assemblies with Zoned Enrichments and Gadolinia Shims to Achieve Longer Fuel Cycles," by Mark R. Durrenberger (Sept. 1988).

"Implementation of Generalized Perturbation Theory for LWR Design Applications," by Byron R. Frank (April 1987).

"Development of the APOLLO Interactive Reload Design System." by Michael Tremblay (Sept. 1986).

"An Analytical Solution Technique for One-Dimensional Generalized Perturbation Theory Analyses," by Thomas J. Cahill (April 1986).

"A Computational Method for Estimating Core Damage at Millstone Unit 2," by David W. Marzilli (Dec. 1985).

"GPT-Based Fuel Management Optimization," by David M. Chapman (Sept. 1985).

"A One-Dimensional Two-Group Diffusion Theory Code to Model Axial Xenon Oscillations," by Keith B. Spinney (Sept. 1985).

"The Spectrum Characterization and 1 MeV Neutron Relative Damage Factor Evaluation of the University of Lowell Reactor," by Michael J. Barry (May 1985).

"Nuclear Fuel Storage Criticality Analysis Methodology," by Frederick L. Carpenito (May 1984).

MS Projects
"Evaluation of End Effects for Burnup Credit Analysis Using An Equivalent Fresh Fuel Enrichment Methodology," by Mark E. Cote (Nov. 1995).

"Criticality Benchmarks Involving Enriched UO2 Rods in Water with Uranium or Lead Reflecting Walls Using NITAWL/KENO-Va," by Christopher C. Chiu (May 1995).

"Doppler Weighting and Radial Peak Reduction Factor Development for Maine Yankee CEA Ejection Analysis Using STAR," by Stephen Peterson (April 1994).

"Development of a Computer Model for the Prediction of Control Rod Burnup in BWRs," by James Pappas (May 1989).

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