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Contact Information:
Dr. John R. White, Professor
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Dept.
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854

Phone: 978-934-3165 spaces Fax: 978-934-3047
Email: John_White@uml.edu

Welcome!!! This page contains some information about me and some stuff related to my research and teaching that I have accumulated over the years. I hope that some of it will be useful to others with similar interests.

My specialty is computational nuclear reactor physics, but I also teach a variety of general engineering, numerical computing, and mathematics courses. The Course Material link contains a bunch of stuff associated with many of the courses that I currently teach at UMass-Lowell. Since I use Matlab quite extensively in all my courses, a series of sample Matlab files are also available for most of the courses. Some of these are used for teaching Matlab fundamentals, for illustrating a variety of course concepts, and for demonstrating practical engineering applications -- Enjoy!!!

For those of you interested in computational nuclear reactor physics, you might also find some interesting modeling and application-oriented information within the Research Work link. I have made full versions of many of my recent papers and reports available in pdf format. Please use these as needed and, if you find these useful, please provide appropriate references in your work.

Finally, the Misc. Goodies link contains a variety of things that didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Check it out -- there may be something of interest here…

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