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System Dynamics (22.554 and 24.509)
Prof. John R. White

This site is currently being phased out!!!

Note: Beginning with the Spring 2008 semester, I plan to start moving the material from this website to the Blackboard Vista course management system at UMass-Lowell. It will be modified/transitioned as time permits. Some pieces of the "current" site and the link to the "old" System Dynamics site will be maintained until the transition is complete. The few remaining links from Spring 2007 that are still active in the current site will be maintained for a few years so that one can see the basic setup and overview of this course. However, all the current details are now maintained in the Blackboard Vista environment at

Until the transformation of this course website to Blackboard Vista is complete, the very old (but reasonably complete) System Dynamics site can be reached by clicking here. Although 10 years old, this site still contains much of the primary subject material from the course. Please ignore any of the old links to Online Courses, since these are no longer valid.

Description and General Requirements
Detailed Course Syllabus
Homework Assignments (not active)
List of Matlab Demos (not active)
Detailed Lecture Notes (not active)
Summary Information for the Exams (not active)
Additional Resources (not active)

Last updated by Prof. John R. White (January 2008)

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