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Mathematical Methods for Engineers (10. 539/24.539)
Prof. John R. White

This site is currently being phased out!!!

Description and General Requirements
Detailed Course Syllabus
Homework Assignments (not active)
List of Matlab Demos (these are a little old but still useful)
Detailed Lecture Notes (not active)
Summary Information for the Exams (not active)
Additional Resources (these are a little old but still useful)

Note: Beginning Fall 2008, the web-based content for this course was moved to the Blackboard Vista course management system at UMass-Lowell. The above active links (from Fall 2007) will be maintained for a few years so that one can see the basic setup and overview of this course. However, all the current details are now maintained in the Blackboard Vista environment at

Last updated by Prof. John R. White (Sept. 2007)

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