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Fluid Mechanics (10.303 & 14.301)
Homeworks and Projects

There will be roughly 10 - 12 homework assignments and possibly one or two projects over the course of the semester. The HW is due usually two class periods after it is assigned (this may vary depending on the complexity of the assignment and the specific due date will be announced in class). The homeworks and projects will be collected and graded for technical content and for overall professional appearance. Note that only a selected number of problems will be graded from each HW set (usually 1 or 2 problems per HW). As indicated previously, the graded homework and projects (and quizzes) represent a significant part of the evaluation process for this course (40% of your final grade), since it is expected that a large part of the learning of the course material will be associated with the student’s effort on the homework assignments. Thus, you are expected to put in a serious effort to do a good job on the homework -- an overall poor HW grade automatically means a poor course grade!

The specific Homework Assignments and any Projects for the current semester are listed below (with links to the associated pdf file):

pdf File
Fluid Properties and Units Consistency
More Fluid Properties
Fluid Statics
Forces Due to Static Fluids
General Fluid Motion, Control Volume Analysis, and the Continuity Equation
More Problems Associated with the Continuity Equation
The Bernoulli Equation
Project: Tank Flow Dynamics
The General Energy Equation
The Linear Momentum Equation
Project: Correction Factors for Non-Uniform Flow in Circular Pipes
Internal Viscous Flows
Viscous Flow and Pump Applications
Uniform Open Channel Flows

Good Luck -- and, of course, don't hesitate to contact me or come to see me during office hours if you have any questions on the above HWs and projects...

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