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Differential Equations (92.236)
Practice Exams

To give you some idea of the format and type of problems usually given on the exams, I have included copies of last semester's exams for this course. You should study for the upcoming exam using the Exam Guides discussed above, and then use the exams given here as realistic Practice Exams. Give yourself 50 minutes for the two in-class exams (Exam#1 and Exam#2) and, of course, since there is no time limit on Exam #3, you should use this one to give you an idea of what to expect for your Take Home Exam (Exam #3) for the current semester. Also, as you know, you will have 3 hours for the Final Exam -- so again, time is not a critical factor for this exam. In any case, these sample exams should give you a good idea of what is expected of you for the exams, and hopefully minimize any anxiety that you may have about the exams for this course. Note that we can also discuss the sample exams during the review period before each of the exams during the semester. If you keep up with the homework and really study for the exams, I am sure they will be a "piece of cake" (hopefully anyway)...

The exams in my section of Differential Equations (92.236) for Spring 2006 are listed below:

Exam #1 -- Analytical solution to 1st order ODEs with a variety of applications.

Exam #2 -- Numerical methods, autonomous systems, homogeneous linear ODEs, and more applications.

Exam #3 -- Nonhomogeneous linear ODEs with applications, numerical methods for systems, introduction to Laplace transforms. This is a Take Home exam that always includes at least one Matlab application.

Final Exam -- This is a comprehensive 3-hour exam. The exam is prepared by both Profs. Pennell and White and their sections of 92.236 take a common Final.

Last updated by Prof. John R. White (January 2007)

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